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Geneo Graves
They take care of all your needs. I found my 2019 Ducati 821 on line at one price and they match it. Craig went out his way to make sure I was happy with the price and the bike. And gave me a hands on from front to rear working of my new bike. Outstanding customer service . (Employee: Craig Wickersham)
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Ken Custer
I found the bike on line and asked for more information. Craig connected me shortly after and we were able to schedule two separate appointments. The transaction was effortless and also great job to Chris for getting paperwork together so quickly. (Employee: Craig Wickersham)
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Tom Robinson
I bought a new Triumph Tiger from Frontline last summer. Decided to upgrade my tires recently. In all of my dealings with the staff they have been very helpful and efficient in addition to being pleasant to deal with. I would definitely recommend the team at Frontline. (Employee: Tiffani Leary, Tommy Wheeler, Mike Byrne)
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Mark Stockwell
Your team did a great job during delivery Thanks (Employee: Pat Metheny)
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Gregory Warren
Pat was great to deal with. However, when I got home it appears that My ABS Is not working. See attached photo. (Employee: Pat Metheny)
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John Dowd
Overall, it was a great experience. Knowledgeable and friendly. (Employee: Craig Wickersham)
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Fred Francis
Even with the virus problems Frontline worked to get me the bike I wanted. Craig is very knowledgeable and answered all my questions with clarity. Financing worked hard to get me a great rate and helped me get a very.good deal on insurance. I highly recommend these folks. (Employee: Craig Wickersham)
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Louis Martin
I do appreciate your service department along with the pickup and delivery service. The service was prompt as well as the transportation.
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Red Chahid
Being from out of town I needed to get everything just right for a smooth transaction. Throughout the whole process the team at Frontline went beyond my expectations for a really great experience. Chris was very professional with every step, Pat was phenomenal, then once I got down there Rob jumped in as if I was a close friend to help even with packing the bike for the 400 mile ride back. Thank you again guys. (Employee: Pat Metheny)
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Tom Chafin
Mike did a great favor for me. I left some key items with my motorcycle and had forgot about them. He took the time to track me down and make sure I got my stuff. (Employee: Mike Byrne)


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